What is MecaduinOpen?

It’s the Mecaduino’s challenge by open hardware and its contribution to the creative community.

What does it expect?

Make available to the different groups of makers and training centers, an easy, simple and inexpensive tool to develop projects at a very low cost.

What does it consist of?

In the development of a system based on printed pieces to facilitate the construction of any type of project construction system.

What does it works?

Just you should choose the parts you need to develop your project, print them and mount them.

How do I start?

To facilitate the initiation, we have created a 3D printer developed within the system to serve as a tool for creating your projects.

How do you grow?

We will continue adding new parts and new projects but we would like is for the community to do their own designs that would incorporate existing and will to everyone.

Do you want join us?

Join us making you active collaborator; Send us your suggestions, your designs will incorporate your questions or if you want to build your project. Contact us!


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