1. Scope of application.

These General Conditions regulate trade relations between quality management system SL, hereafter MECADUINO, and their customers and are applicable from January 1, 2016.
These conditions affect all customers, regardless of the country from which the order is placed and its acceptance and if any is implicit read. These conditions can change without notice, so the customer should always review them before making a new order if incluyesen any new clause that was in disagreement.
Failure to read these conditions does not relieve the customer of the established responsibilities.
2. Scope.

These general conditions of sale apply to business relationships between clients and devenidas MECADUINO generally reflected in orders for material available in the general catalog of MECADUINO or projects they confer them for processing.
3. Information on products.

The presentation of products in our web entrono can be done in different places depending on the evolution of the product itself. For example, some items appear first as a project without the possibility of buying and subsequently become article or sales kit. During this process the product can experience improvements or modifications therefore only be considered as contractual product image itself in the sales item in the store section of the website, free of ornaments or accessories contained in the pictures or exclusions mentioned in the specifications.
4. Orders

Orders placed by customers are the way that they have to sort MECADUINO to provide them with the material specified therein. These can be done through the website www.mecaduino.com.

4.1. Confirmation.
Orders are considered confirmed, ever, once your payment is ratified, either through client communication or verification by internal means by MECADUINO. However it is advisable to choose the first option to speed delivery.
4.2. Delivery
Delivery is within the specifications of each. This period specified by the article, is merely reporter and not a firm commitment from MECADUINO.
In no event delivery include the time required to transport the material requested from the MECADUINO facilities to the delivery address provided by the customer.
Requiring a particular deadline by the customer, it should request written confirmation to MECADUINO it.
4.3. Special orders.
Special orders or as required by customers, will be specified in previous offers that the client will accept to be converted for all purposes in order.
4.4. Availability.
The ordering process defined in our website allows the purchase of products for immediate availability. In this case and it informs the customer of this situation if, by MECADUINO can not ensure reasonable deadline set for the article, and is this who supports the proposed new delivery date. Otherwise you can choose to apply for a refund of the amount paid, deducting the expenses this return could result depending on the form of payment you have used this.
4. 5. Modifications.
Changes to confirmed orders and in the preparation or manufacture must be requested in writing via the contact form on the website or e gestión@mecaduino.com
These changes shall be subject to approval by depending solely MECADUINO order status must endeavor at all times to facilitate the request. Some changes may have a cost that will contact the customer to accept it this before they become effective.
5. Prices

The prices specified for items for sale do not include transport from the MECADUINO facilities to the delivery address provided by the customer, not the costs related to customs, import, or VAT current and displayed in euros.
In cases of human or computer errors and when displayed prices match those of the official rates in force, MECADUINO inform the customer of such an anomaly being both entitled to desist in the making or acceptance of
6. subject to sales tax. VAT.

All sales are subject to payment of taxes regulated in this respect without exception possible.
In cases defined by the Community rules on sales and purchases between intra companies, or other regulated exceptions, which would have to issue invoices with tax values ​​other than the generals, must be requested in writing and will be subject to the presentation of the documentation required for these cases.
7. Invoicing.

The customer may request hard copy of the invoice if desired. MECADUINO, this is not done in an automated way to make the purchase. The copy of the order data and proof of payment of the same documents are valid as proof of purchase for warranty, returns or exchanges
8. Submission.

Delivery shall be effected within the agreed time MECADUINO deliver the requested material means of transport designated for delivery.
Unless agreed otherwise, decide MECADUINO packaging, shipping method and carrier at his discretion. If the customer wants a particular form of packaging or a different form of delivery shall apply taking over the additional costs that may derive therefrom.
MECADUINO inform the client, as soon as possible, of the data sent and possible follow-up.
MECADUINO can not be responsible for the consequences of late delivery or loss of the package by the means of transport.
At the time of delivery of the material by the means of transport, it is advisable to check that this is OK. Otherwise, clear signs of deterioration are detected should be mentioned in the receiving sheet so that it is evidence of such damage, reinforced with graphic images in the presence of the carrier if necessary.
The client can communicate MECADUINO such anomalies but is he who must make the claim directly with the transportation.
9. Returns.

If in any case the client expresses its willingness to make a return of material, this must be requested in writing to e gestión@mecaduino.com
If the return is accepted you will receive a return code and specific instructions for how to do it. In all cases, returns must be made with the original packing material and in perfect condition. As a general rule the costs of transport for the shipment of the equipment and the cost of any amounts paid will be paid by the buyer.
10. Retention of title.

The goods supplied shall remain the property of MECADUINO while not met by the customer all the requirements of these terms of sale or in the law, regardless of whether they have paid the full price of
purchase or not.
11. General Limitations of Liability

Regardless of the legal obligations concerning him, MECADUINO not responsible for the misuse of the equipment or assemblies and engines that customers can make with your system, items or parts. In any event liability is limited to the value of the product supplied.
12. Intellectual Property.

All products, projects, the solutions and the contents of the website, catalogs, information, downloadable files, as well as the name and logo MECADUINO are the property of Systems Quality Management Ltd., prohibited the total or partial reproduction of the contents described in this document or not, and owned by that company and its copy, publication or distribution of any content to third parties who do not have authorization to use property rights intellectual. In any case the system MECADUINO purposes or for weapons systems of any kind, either with intent to cause injury or death may be used. The scope of the system should always be strictly limited to civilian use.
13. Open Project MecaduinoOpen hardware.

Systems Quality Management, SL through its brand Mecaduino created the MecaduinOpen project is licensed open hardware project is formed by low DC BYNC- SA4. Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 4.0 International Public License.
The Creative Commons This license lets others distribute, remix, tweak, expand and improve upon the work of non-commercial way, as long as they give us credit and license their new creations under the same conditions.


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