Autonomous compact laser

Compact laser project

From the Technological Institute of Aragon we are required to build a team of motion in two axes with a head capable of accommodating different instruments and also is compact in construction and autonomous operation.

Design: JCV.

Construction: Mecaduino Team.

Description:  The project requires the work surface concrete measures have so an adaptation of our Std laser system that meets the requirements required for the recording head is performed.

As regards the requirement that it be an autonomous and open to be controlled from different systems team it chooses to mount an Arduino board and a shield control to manage the code to receive and transform it into motion. Specifically he mounted an Arduino Mega 2560 is a microcontroller board based on the ATmega2560 and shield control 1.4 Ramps conferring a reliable, economical and easy to be open source to control from different platforms together. So that the assembly can be managed automatically, a display from which to view the status of the machine and send órdenes.bajo included.

Compact laser video

Compact laser gallery


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