Core XY

Core XY project

The Core XY displacement technique is based on the system used to aid manual technical drawing employee in the 60s, 70s, 80s and popularly known as “Paralex”. This mechanism was an methacrylate rule through a system of pulleys and wires were attached to the drawing board allowed this would shift always flat on the work surface.

Design: JCV.

construction: Mecaduino Team.

Description: This is this project to adapt the technique to Mecaduino Core XY system, preserving the characteristics of the system and the particularities of the Core XY technique.

The main challenge is to accommodate two parallel and independent circuits which must circulate belts required by the system for operation and guidance and detours that are required for them.


The problem was solved by hosting a circuit over the other creating two levels of displacement of the belts and designing new pieces that allow the proper guidance of the belts. also it had to design new lateral runners to move also allow guiding and forwarding belts.


The result has been a discrete set following the Mecaduino system that leaves no strap view since these are displaced inside the own profile.


The operation is very smooth and allows rapid movement of the axes due to the lightness and softness of the whole system.

Core XY video

Core XY gallery


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