One printer

Project: Impresora Open Source.

Design: JCV.

Contruction: Team MECADUINO.

Description: Framed within the project development MecaduinOpen  printer, it arises as a tool for making the necessary elements for the development of future projects.
The MecaduinOpen system is based on printed pieces as link developing its entirety, so that we can have a printer is critical to the user to have at its disposal the possibility to build their own projects.
It takes as its starting point the printer design to be developed must be very economical, with simple and easy to print parts and requires no assembly instructions, tools or complicated processes.
The result is a compact, robust and easy and logical assembly machine.
Printing time of parts is below 20 h, the parts are simple in design and therefore easy to print.

Video running

How to build MecaduinOpen printer

MecaduinOpen  printer consists of seven sub-assembly designed to make it easy and fast. We have prepared all the technical information necessary for the construction of each of the modules, consisting of an assembly drawing with identification of each of the component parts, an explanatory video of the assembly, which should display before and a list of materials needed.
To complement this information include photographs of the project to the top of the page, where you can see many details of the various parts of the machine. Before starting the final assembly must be individually construct each separately, to start once all built final assembly.

Explosión de la impresora MecaduinOpen One
It is advisable that the parts used as sliders are printed on a iglidur ablator type or the like.
Although the project is technically closed in its first version, they have incorporated some improvements, so perhaps some set can would find some differences between the information and photographs of the final assembly. In case of printed pieces, I could make the file download in STL format from the parts list itself. The order of assembly of the various sub assemblies can see in the video of this section.
Mounting video
- Open pieces list +

Mounting  hot base support set

Conjunto soporte base caliente

Ensemble represents the displacement of the axis and support hot bed base printed pieces.
We must pay special attention to the sliders that once assembled and mounted on the base axis set Y, check that glides smoothly and without play. It is advisable to properly adjust the skates before mounting, cleaning any remaining fine print.

Mounting video
- Open pieces list +

Mounting shaft Y base set

Conjunto Base eje X

The base module is the union between the two sides. Also it serves as a raceway for hot base. In assembling this module is very important for long profiles are parallel and spaced exactly as shown in the drawing. Also keep focus on the sliders to slide smoothly and if I play.

Mounting video
- Open pieces list +

Mounting shaft Z engine right set

Conjunto motor eje Z derecha

This module forms the right side of the machine and contains mainly the right column and the right engine Z axis.
In the explanatory video corresponding to this whole assembly placement Skate X axis motor assembly does not appear, if this is retrofitted. For faster installation is recommended to connect the X-axis right skate before joining the forwarding column

Mounting video
- Open pieces list +

Mounting shaft Z engine left set

Conjunto Motor eje Z izquierda

This module is substantially identical to the right engine module assembly, so considerations are the same as those described for this.

Mounting video
- Open pieces list +

Mounting extruder E3D set

Conjunto extrusor E3D

The extruder assembly has the function E3D slide along the X axis and provide support to the motor shaft E and the extruder. The design of the extruder support follows the shape and standart measures, but is specially designed for the extruder E3D in all its versions. The part that makes slider, Mp 0022, it is advisable to print it on an anti-wear material.

Mounting video
- Open pieces list +

Mounting shaft X engine set

Conjunto Motor eje X

This module has two functions: Glide down the columns and slide the extruder assembly. It should be special attention to the correct sliding of the extruder. As indicated in the instructions for assembly mounting engine module axis Z right, it is advisable to mount the sliders of the Z axis in the previously columns, which will facilitate the assembly of this set. It is also advisable to mount the slider and the extruder support and attach to belts, before mounting the extruder motor.

Vídeo del montaje
- Desplegar lista de piezas +

Mounting electronics box set

The electronic box is designed to accommodate an Arduino Mega, one Ramps and fan 40×40 mm. It provides input to facilitate connections to motors Z and Y axis The upper part has outputs for cable guide spring for cables for the extruder.

Vídeo del montaje
- Desplegar lista depiezas +

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